Planned Parenthood recently received Three Pinocchios from the liberal ‘The Fast Checkers’ because they allow limited access to data about the organization and the organization does not report credible information to the public. Go figure.

What is known is Planned Parenthood ‘claims’ the more than half a billion dollars ($563.8 million) it receives in the U.S. taxpayer funding is used for “vital reproductive health care.” It claims its business is about “choices” for women. But it’s been discovered that PP refuses to use much of those “reproductive health care” tax dollars to help the people who need them the most: pregnant women who choose to carry their babies to term. There are very little or no counseling services provided and adoption services have declined sharply while abortion services have skyrocketed. There is no accurate way to measure the services because the organization does not report that information.

Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards is on record stating her business is essential to American women because of the prenatal care it offers. A variety of pro-abortion politicians, who support and endorse Planned Parenthood, tout the organization’s prenatal care services as a reason to fund it year after year. The problem? Planned Parenthood doesn’t provide the service it claims is so important. The nonprofit Live Action found 92 out of 97 Planned Parenthood centers contacted across the country admitted they would refuse to provide any prenatal care. The truth these politicians fail to state is that while federal taxpayer dollars to PP doubled in the span of ten years, health services like prenatal care and cancer screenings declined sharply. Planned Parenthood clinics provide significantly fewer services than federally qualified health centers, but they provided 323,999 abortions last year alone. By taking a low average figure of $480 per abortion, the Planned Parenthood killing machine would have brought in a minimum of $155 million. They are a blight upon our country.

It’s time for some reverential awe/respect for God’s command — thou shalt not kill — instead of man’s law where abortion/murder is legal. Every follower of Jesus Christ has an obligation/responsibility to vote against any supporter of Planned Parenthood.

Wanda Morgan


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