What has happened to the integrity of Republicans in Congress? They abandoned opposition to increasing the national debt at the urging of a president who self-describes as “the king of debt.” The national debt since he took office has increased by 30% percent to a total of over 22 trillion dollars.

Monetary hypocrisy is not the only sign that Republicans have abandoned previous values. Hypocrisy permeates the entire administration, whose leader claims he represents Christian values, but whose hate-filled labeling of Hispanics, his denigration of African Americans, and not incidentally, of women, undermine those claims. Can members of his party continue to excuse the president’s violation of Christian doctrine?

It appears that the king of debt aims to run the country in kingly fashion, as “the chosen,” as he has dubbed himself. So much for values in this presidency.

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Sorry. Think you have it backwards. It is the Democrats.[smile]

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