My philosophy in life has always been to hire the very best and to associate with those who hold the same beliefs as I do. I do not want a law, ordinance or regulation that would require me to do otherwise. In The Daily Sentinel on 1.22.20 on the front page has the article headline “Inclusion at heart of committee proposal.” Our city government has no business supporting this proposal or to hire a full-time employee to implement this proposal.

Nacogdoches is one of the most diverse communities that I have ever lived in. We are inclusive in every way. Just drive down the streets along the Old Lufkin Road and you will find inclusion in all of our neighborhoods or you can attend one of our neighborhood crime watchers meeting and meet with folks representing many cultures.

Now I do agree that the citizens of Nacogdoches do need to be able to know who they can contact for issues or concerns that they may have. I have had to spend some time going to the various 25 city offices that we have, including the sheriff office to find out who I need to speak to about addressing a concern that I may have had. Yes it would be nice to be able to go to one department that can direct you to the appropriate department that can best handle the concern that needs to be addressed.

Now if we do draft an ordinance and budget amendment for the full-time staff position this should go before the voters of the City of Nacogdoches and you may want to include this proposal on a county wide ballot and let the voters decide if we need a proposal as suggested for the already diverse folks of Nacogdoches.

Robert Ault


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I agree with the writer of this article and I am going to add a few poignant points.

Many good and well qualified people for many jobs have been passed over in the name of diversity of political correctness. How can we forget that the root word for diversity is "divide". We sure are a divided country , by skin color, religion, culture, language, politics, mores and other ways. We must cognizant of the fact that UNITY is what made this country great not DIVERSITY. Japan and China have great countries with little diversity. We don't want to lose America's memory the thing that have made this the most powerful nation in the world.

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