Every Friday I go to the county courthouse a little after 12 noon and stand on the sidewalk until 1:00 holding a sign that says CLIMATE ACTION NOW.

This was not something I wanted to do. It’s actually a little embarrassing! However, the climate crisis is worsening faster than ever and almost nobody seem to be taking it seriously, or even talking about it. I wish more than anything that I could stay home and ignore this reality. But I cannot.

According to a NOAA report dated Sept. 16, this past summer was the hottest on record for the northern hemisphere. The Arctic is heating up twice as fast as any place else, leading to large scale release of previously frozen carbon dioxide. And when the snow melts, our planet loses the capacity to reflect much of the suns energy back into space.

It is urgent that we stop putting green house gases in the atmosphere. This cannot simply happen at the individual level. We must insist that our elected leaders and the leaders of our energy institutions begin taking action now.

A climate strike every Friday is a place for me to start. Anyone is welcome to join me! Also, if you would like further information about the climate crisis I would be happy to meet with any individuals or groups.

Anne Keehnen


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Too many climate activists are real hypocrites . They ride to their demonstration in their SUVs which emit more carbon dioxide than other vehicles. They continue to buy goods at Walmart where 70% of the products come from China which is a county that lead in climate pollution and devastation. Climate control politicians are flying around daily in huge jets that pollute much more than a small car. We need to "Practice what we Preach".

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