A recent letter trumpeted a column written by Farah Stockman in The New York Times that the Monthly Review responded to by saying, “The problem is that it’s nonsense. Worse, it’s a pack of lies. Any self-respecting journalist who repeats it should be ashamed.”

To buttress Stockman’s unfounded claims, she referred to the reporting of a Trump parroting amateur journalist (Jeremy Quinn). According to Monthly Review, the Jeremy Quinn purported by Stockman as a liberal journalist who claimed to have infiltrated BLM protests to look for Right-Wing anarchist is actually a right-wing conspiracy theorist.

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No other president or their supporters have endured more verbal abuse than Trump. People have been beaten for wearing a MEGA hat and homes burned for displaying a Trump sign and people have been fired for supporting him. This resembles Nazi Germany when Hitler was starting the Third Reich. Doesn't sound like the Democratic country I served with 1st Amendment rights.. Comment a Black Korean and Vietnam veteran.

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