One correspondent repined that left-wingers were beating up elderly MAGA hat wearers in restaurants. When I researched his allegation, I discovered that discombobulation came from right-wing shock-jock Alex Jones. Jones is infamous for creating outlandish conspiracy theories including that preposterous mendacity that the Sandy Hook massacre never happened.

I ask the correspondent who implied Americans were being unpatriotic by staying at home, social distancing and wearing masks. Do you also denigrate seat belt users? Would you even care if you discovered you’d inadvertently spread COVID-19?

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It never cease to amaze me how Trump hater seem to lose all their sense of rationality and blame every issue that they don't like on him . If the hurricane come and destroy their home they will say it because of Trump . I am an old senior citizen and I often wear a MEGA hat because I believe it my right to do so . I also have a CHL because the first and second amendments applies to all citizens . I pray that hatred will not cause people to sell their souls to the devil .

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