In 1963 Bob Dylan’s lyrics ‘the times they are a changin’’ were right on and are as appropriate today. We have a president who benefited from interference by Russia in the 2018 election. Now he benefits from a U.S. Senate that blocks passage of laws to prevent that interference from continuing. Trump controls the Senate through his puppet Mitch McConnell. Trump believes Putin over American intelligence agencies. Americans heard it from Trump himself. He kowtows to a foreign power.

Our changing times include the shrinking earning power of the middle class, due in part to the of failure of Congress to pass an increase in the minimum wage. It is also the result of globalization, which, not just incidentally, is another sign of the times that Trump rejects.

To move forward, we voters must look to the 2020 primary elections. That’s when we will select candidates for the presidency. It is here, right here in Nacogdoches County, where we will choose either a Republican candidate or a Democratic candidate for the four-year term. It is imperative that we learn the names of those candidates and what they stand for. By starting now, we will be equipped with information about which candidates to vote for. Only two candidates for president will be on the November 2020 ballot. Inform yourself about them. Your life, the planet’s health, and the future of democracy in America depend on voters like you.

Doris Daniel


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Great letter Doris thanks for all you do.

Matt Moore

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