America now has 3 million cases of COV-19 (aka Trumpvirus) and 132,000 deaths. Knowledgeable people have estimated that, if we had gotten serious about the danger of this virus two weeks earlier, anywhere from 36,000 to 60,000 lives could have been saved.

Suppose we went all the way back to the 2016 election and had chosen a real president, instead of “The Real Donald Trump”, how many lives would have been saved? We could have had a pandemic response plan, a stockpile of supplies and equipment, a president who wasn’t a pathological liar, and one who is competent and respects human life. Instead, Trump has devoted himself to everything except saving lives. He is more concerned about protecting statues of traitors than protecting Americans. He says 99% of the Trumpvirus cases are harmless, despite a mortality rate of 4+%. He continues to exhibit contempt for world health officials, our own CDC., hold his mindless rallies where he rails against America and exposes his followers to the virus. Now, he wants to sacrifice your kids on the altar of his reelection by reopening schools with no safety precautions.

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Trump haters must be losing their minds everyday as Trump tweets .Hate can affect a person's ability to make rational decision about things that are really important . COVID-19 originated in China , as long as China have a billion plus population it won't be the last virus to originate there . A little common sense tells you its a China virus not a Trumpvirus .


I kind of think that most of this country has woke up to the fact that Trump has doomed us as a country, the writing is on the wall, in Texas Biden is ahead in the polls, that is something I haven't seen in years...a democrat winning the election for president in Texas. The sooner Trump and his ilk are gone the better off we will all be, there is no doubt that he is the worst president ever elected.

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