At this Thanksgiving season with Christmas right around the corner, I want to express my appreciation to the many who have shown your support of my ‘Opinion’ with emails, texts, and phone calls. I did not anticipate becoming a ‘regular’ contributor (such as the one who writes on a regular basis using ‘cut and paste’ and ‘$10 words’ to impress), but you have encouraged me to continue writing to expose bald-face lies. I have, but you can help!

It’s time to stop being silent! The ‘silent majority’ has been silent too long! Realize your purpose and exercise your freedom of speech. Voice your opinion and let others hear from you and not just me.

You don’t have to be eloquent, just make it plain and simple. Everyone will understand. Don’t be concerned with your tolerant, ‘intolerant’ friends, or associates who are always offended if you have an opposing opinion. They’re not concerned about you when they voice their radical opinions as though they’re the gospel. Find some like-minded friends; they are out there.

Let me encourage you as you have encouraged me to stand up. Your opinion does matter! The more you voice your opinion, the less drivel we will have to see in the Sentinel opinion page. I hope to see some of your opinions in the Sentinel soon. Be Bold!

I wish each of you a safe, happy, and blessed Christmas season.

Wanda Morgan


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