Only the self-hating, America-hating, and race-baiting Democrats would claim that our National Anthem glorifies the killing of African American slaves. The words “hireling” and “slave” had been used by other poets to refer to British forces. These verses are from the poem “The Death of Warren” published in the Intelligencer, & Weekly Advertiser (Lancaster, PA) on May 15, 1813, a full year before Key’s: “When Tyrant George assail’d our shore, And thousands of his Slaves sent o’er, … Now Howe, who had the chief command, of George’s Troops within our land, Addresses thus his hireling band.” Indubitably, the verse from the Star Spangled Banner “No refuge could save the hireling and slave” refers to the British forces, comprised of mercenaries (hirelings) and King George III’s subjects (slaves).

The Democrats are a disgrace! Everything they say is a lie! We don’t expect the Dems to stand for the National Anthem or the Pledge; after all, they hate America. They are the kind of people who pass gas on a crowded elevator and then laugh about it. All they do is stink up the place.

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I am sorry that you think that way about me but I support your right to express your opinion and I support the Daily Sentinel's willingness to publish your letter.

I hope you find peace and love in your life.

Matt Moore

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