Kudos to Splash Kingdom and owner Johnnie Blevins for the recent Bark in the Park event. All dog owners and their four legged furry friends were invited to the park for a fun day of splashing in the pools and floating down the lazy river on the park’s last day of the season.

All that attended were having a great time cooling off in the water — both humans and canines. So a big thank you goes to Splash Kingdom for this opportunity for dog-owning residents of Nacogdoches and surrounding areas. Great idea and lots of fun.

Now to the dog owners that attended with their best friends: While I personally appreciated Splash Kingdom holding this event for us, I was shocked and disappointed in my fellow dog owners, at least a large number of them.

I personally witnessed several dogs delivering piles of poop to the grassy areas while their owners stood nearby waiting on their furry friends to get back in the water, with no attempt at cleaning up after their pet.

The park grass was in great shape when we arrived. However, when we left, it was like a minefield that had to be negated around if one wanted to walk on the grass.

There were lots of children playing in the water on and on the grass along with their dogs. I was embarrassed by this lack of consideration for their fellow participates and the waterpark in general. As the saying goes “you abuse it, you lose it.” Just pick up after your dog. Simple as that. I, for one, would like to enjoy this event for years to come.

Carole Favro


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