New developments exposed the irony of Trump’s unsubstantiated “antifa” claims and the consequences of his refusal to denounce white supremacy. Trump-Der-Fuehrer’s plea to right-wing fascist militants to “stand back, stand by” in his repugnant debate debacle, triggered a domestic right-wing militia to respond by conspiring to start a civil-war and kidnap Michigan’s Democratic Governor. The FBI (the only antifascist organization and the bane of Trump’s existence) repressed that coup attempt and arrested 13 militants. As a result of Trump’s rhetoric, there are now 180+ domestic right-wing militias with war weapons eager to engage after their Trump-Der-Fuehrer loses.

FYI, left-wing attacks have historically left far fewer people dead than violence by right-wing extremists. In fact, “antifa” has never been linked to a single murder. A database of nearly 900 politically motivated attacks and plots in the U.S. since 1994 includes just one attack staged by an anti-fascist where someone died, and that antifascist was not affiliated with “antifa”. An internal FBI report revealed “there’s no intelligence indicating ‘Antifa’ involvement/presence in the violence that’s taken place in the BLM protests.” Federal court records show that none of the people facing charges for violence, looting and vandalism at BLM protests have ties to “antifa.”

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It is easy to read the articles and know who wrote them before getting to the end, an avid TRUMP HATER. Many people say they will vote for Biden because they hate Trump. How many of those same people will say I hate the devil so I will serve God? If Biden wins the whole state economy will feel the negative effects. The Green New Deal pushed by Democrats will cause thousands to lose jobs in Texas.

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