Comparing a knife to a gun is analogous to comparing a nuclear bomb to a stick of dynamite and comparing U.S. violent crime statistics to England’s violent crime statistics is analogous to comparing the density of the sun to the density of a neutron star. It’s common knowledge that most violent crime occurs in densely populated urban areas. England’s the fifth most densely populated nation in the world, with a population density 12 times that of the USA.

According to an article in “Psychology Today” written by psychologist Renee Garfinkel, titled “Our nation’s addicted to guns”: “Wherever you find addiction, you find denial. The alcoholic who says, ‘I can quit any time’, the gambling addict who says, ‘If I hit this time it’ll work out,’ are in the same boat as those who say, ‘Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.’ They’re all addicts in denial, refusing to see the overwhelming evidence of the damage caused by their behavior. When allowed to continue unchecked, addictions destroy lives.”

“The neuroscience of addiction is the same regardless of the behavior or substance. The brain doesn’t care if it’s nicotine addiction, gambling addiction, gun addiction or whatever. Here’s how it works: Dopamine’s the brain’s neurotransmitter that’s released when you expect a reward — when you expect pleasure. The brain is flooded with dopamine when a shooter prepares to fire a gun. Firing a gun, releases endorphins — the pleasure hormones — the same ones experienced with taking certain substances, and with other enjoyable activities. Since the pleasure (Bang! and endorphins) follows the anticipation so quickly and reliably, the brain learns to connect the psychological loop: guns — dopamine— pleasure/endorphins. Some brains then become preoccupied with seeking more dopamine. More guns.”

“The desire for more’s another defining characteristic of addiction. The addict develops tolerance and requires more to get the same rush. Americans own half the world’s guns but make up only 5% of the world’s population.” Some users seek more guns, bigger guns, with more firepower, and live targets in order to reach the feeling, they seek.”

America’s gun addiction is destroying lives.

Ron Hurst


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How unrefreshingly ignorant is this opinion? Guns vs knives? Statistics vs statistics? Addiction vs simple self gratification? Get real. People kill people, regardless of the choice of weapon. Next you will spew forth pleas for the murdering maniacs who are addicted and cannot help themselves.

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