Did you ever watch a soccer game and a player fakes an injury, even though he wasn’t even touched by his opponent. His opponent came close, but avoided contact. The supposedly injured player will writhe in fake, horrible pain, imploring the ref for help.

That’s what we’re watching now in the House. There was no injury, no breaking of the law, yet the Dems and press are all calling for, you got it, impeachment!

“How can this blatant crime be tolerated by decent people,” they say! Trump must go “now”, or at least before the next election. The thespian, Adam Schiff, cries for removal of the miscreant, Trump. The thought of one more day is unbearable.

We know Trump did nothing wrong. Even Schiff knows the whole thing is a scam, as does the press, and that the real story involves Joe Biden and his crack rehabilitating son, Hunter.

What we’re watching is high stakes “grifting,” influence peddling and a scam.

In DC, scamming the people for personal gain is an art form. The grifting part is that those who buy this malarky, don’t even know they’re being played. Democrat politicians can look people right in the eye and make them think things will get better if they do what he says. He does his thing, collects the winnings and leaves, with pockets bulging with money while his followers are eagerly sending him on his way and go back to their miserable drug and crime infested neighborhoods, which never seem to change.

Did you notice how Obama accumulated a fortune if $100 million dollars since leaving office? The Chinese government (army) gave Hunter Biden $1.5 billion to buy up tech startup companies and other properties in the USA, for them. The Ukrainians gave him $83,000 a month for doing nothing while on the board of a natural gas company, for FIVE YEARS. Stinks doesn’t it!

High level politicians in Washington have “cracked” the safe of the Treasury and they’re working 24/7 to grab as much as they can with no guilt whatsoever.

High level grifting, is an art form.

Patrick Choate,


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This impeachment plot is a great waste of money and time. The media and democratic lies have helped me not vote for Democrats again.

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