How many of you would want to try to house, feed, and clothe your family on a salary of only $2 or $3 million dollars a year?

The running back for the Cowboys, Ezekiel Elliott, had two years left on his original contract of $13 million over five years.

This year he demanded to have a new contract for more money and did not come to pre-season training camp even though he was still under his signed contract. In other words, he did not show up for work as expected of all employees.

The Cowboys gave him a new deal of a six-year $90-million contract extension, and this means he is under contract for eight years running through the 2026 season for a total of $103 million. Many others have done this over the years as they held out for more money even though they were still under a contract.

By the same token if the player had not been able to perform due to injury or for any reason, he would expect the owner to fulfill his contract. Out here in the real world people sign contracts, and you are responsible for holding to your word.

Elliott has had personal problems that would have gotten him in trouble as a normal citizen, but many of these athletes get away with all sorts of things as their team goes to their defense. Most of the multimillion-dollar facilities for all of professional sports is paid mostly by taxpayers who cannot afford to attend the games.

And then you have those troublemakers who are part of these million-dollar people who are playing a game and refuse to honor their country where they have freedom and are rich. This is a sign of complete ignorance and lack of character.

People out here in the real world may ask their boss for a raise as is a normal thing, but they would not call in and say they were not coming in to work until their demand was fulfilled. They are responsible people and have character, which has become scarce.

Television has made these pro athletes rich and some are very arrogant and selfish.

It would be devastating to shut down M.D. Anderson Hospital in Houston or any other major facility of this sort, yet NRG Stadium could shut down and hardly a soul would even notice. They are playing a game, not giving medical care, building a school, or other needed areas, and yet many of them are actually a disgrace to society.

The players such as Elliott and others and their appearance and attitude is appalling and sets a bad example for young people. I am not condemning all pro athletes or their teams as many are good responsible persons and add to the community, but it is only a game.

Roland Muckleroy


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