Your president is a fascist terrorist! His attempts to suppress the votes of minorities and poor people are acts of fascism, as are his efforts to silence his detractors. His use of violent force against innocent, peaceful protesters, solely for the purpose of clearing him a path so he could use the Bible and Saint John’s church as props for a political photo op, was one the most egregious acts of tyranny that I’ve seen in our country since the Joe McCarthy and Jim Crow eras.

Those protesters weren’t members of the mythical organization Antifa as your pathological liar president purported in one of his infamous attempts to rewrite history. FYI, Antifa is not even a registered organized group, let alone a terrorist organization. Even if “it” were, “it” would be one of the lamest terrorist groups ever, considering “it’s” never killed anyone or seriously injured anyone in America.

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How dumb can we be to think that these protest were peaceful ? Its unfortunate that many who write articles fail to look for facts instead let their hate dictate what they write . Trump is no more a racist than any other white president . In fact blacks never called him a racist until he ran for the president as a Republican . Most black and racist whites don't know that MLK was a registered Republican .

Where was these writer in the 1960s, 70s and 80s ? Very possible that they was a staunch southern racist Democrat . During that time Southern Democrats had their knees on all Black Americans and they kept it there so long that we can't get up today . Many blacks still depend on the Democratic handouts today and forgotten what personal responsibility really mean . We must be careful how we point the finger at others as being a racist because three fingers are pointing back at you , even though you may be in the closet . We must never forget the Democratic racist history and always beware of smiling faces .

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