Election Day 2020 is nearly a year away, the time for prospective candidates to make their decisions is now.

In May, we asked anyone considering throwing their proverbial hat into the political arena to begin the decision-making process, but the deadline is creeping up on us. Dec. 9 is the final day to declare a candidacy for 2020.

For those still mulling over whether to run or not, take our advice: Go for it.

As we’ve said before, being an elected official is a great way to help our community, and running for office will provide candidates with an opportunity to get to know the people of Nacogdoches County and their wants and needs.

The process is rigorous but rewarding and teaches the importance of democracy in a way no civics class ever could. We are firm believers that every election needs primary candidates, even when the public feels the incumbent is doing a fine job.

Even George Washington, the Father of Our Country and considered by many to be our greatest president, faced opposition in 1788 and 1792. The founders, we believe, would be disheartened by elections that draw only a single candidate.

Uncontested elections can sometimes leave voters feeling apathetic and discourage them from going to the polls. We don’t expect that will happen in 2020 with President Donald Trump and a large Democratic field of presidential hopefuls on the ballot, but we would still prefer to see a full slate of local candidates.

Prospective candidates can find everything they need at www.nacvotes.com by clicking on the candidate information link. Help is also available from the staff of the incredibly helpful county elections office at 203 W Main St. 113.

After filing with their party of choice, local candidates can either get a signed petition or pay a filing fee to be on the ballot. It’s that simple.

Something about this upcoming election makes it seem much closer than it is.

Perhaps it is near endless campaigning of President Trump and his giant field of Democratic rivals who have been on the trail for what seems like years.

Maybe it was the rush of candidates who flooded into SFA last week seeking Sen. John Cornyn’s seat in Washington or the fact that our first local campaign began in May.

Regardless of how close November 2020 feels right now, the deadline to be on the ballot really is looming. Make your decision today. You won’t regret it.

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