Thank you for your response, Mr. Frailey. I am glad that in America we can both voice our opinions. If you took offense to my letter, it was not my intent. In a word, accountability is what I am pointing toward. I appreciate your service to the education system and congratulations on your appointment as chair of Regents.

When another American citizen cannot express concern about a concept, principle, issue or something similar, there is a problem. Yes, I am conservative. I watched the Federal Government run amuck for almost a decade without accountability and just now are we finding out the details.

As a citizen, I like to know what our elected and appointed officials are thinking to include school administration officials, city officials, police and law enforcement officials and the like.

If I ask pointed questions, it is that of a concerned citizen. I am beyond the thought process of “we have to pass it to know what is in it.”

I don’t know if you are conservative, liberal or middle of the road. In my opinion the education system of our country needs revamping and it should not be an indoctrination system for one party or the other.

As an “Educational Leader,” be thick skinned. Americans have the right to question and should. When they do not, problems that could have been avoided, come into play. You are a public official and write as such.

SFA is a cash cow for the community and I am a supporter. I taught there for four years at the ROTC Department and received a Teaching Excellence Award in 1999 from the College of Applied Arts and Science. Lots of good comes from the college. Sometimes problems come as well.

Finally, I have watched “liberalism” sometimes creep out and overtly jump out of our educational institutions in the past decade. This concerns me. You are now in a position to manage it.

Paul Howe


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