Twenty one years ago we saw a bipartisan impeachment of a president who actually broke the law. And the surprising vote to not remove him from office. Mostly along party lines. That means to me that the Democrats do not care about the rule of law.

Fast forward to today and we have a do-nothing Congress, which is a good thing — more later on that issue — voting on a partisan impeachment for nothing.

No laws were broken. I could understand if the president had actually broken the law. I would even support it.

Its a sad day for this wonderful country not because of an impeachment of the president but because of the grudge that the Democrats have for any Republican who holds office.

I’m thankful that government is not getting anything done because of this circus.

If you don’t include the horrible omnibus that just passed the House, government isn’t growing. And Republicans have no goal it seems. Ask any Republican how they plan to limit government, reduce spending or increase liberty. The Democrats’ goal is to destroy this country as fast as possible. And they’re actually doing that.

How about they work together and actually pass a balanced budget instead of an omnibus? How about they work on spending and the debt? Instead of trying to impeach the president for the last three years! The American people need to hold their elected officials accountable. I can only hope that this is driving the American people to do just that but then I hear all these people talking about issues that the government has no authority in. Individual responsibility is gone.

The founders warned us of an all powerful centralized government. We have mob rule now. As evidenced by Congress, whether Republican or Democrat. So Benjamin Franklin was right when he said, in response to a question about what type of government we had, “A republic, if you can keep it.” Maybe we should work to restore the republic for our children’s sake.

Danny Ward


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