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Every day that passes without Donald Trump and his participating sycophants being indicted for the worst crime ever committed against our government, is a day closer to us no longer being a Democracy. Trump intentionally incited violence against our government for the purpose of overturning …

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No wonder there are numerous pedestrian accidents or deaths in a small town like Nacogdoches. Recently, I observed four jaywalking or skate boarding around the Stephen F. Austin State University campus. Three were at the intersections of Starr, Mound and Clark Boulevard. This includes crossi…

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For centuries, Americans did need guns, and there are still a few good reasons for some Americans to possess them. But Americans do not need semi-automatic firearms for self-defense, hunting or recreation.

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In March the American Red Cross celebrates Red Cross Month and we are asking the Nacogdoches community to join us in providing help and hope to people in need.

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Editor’s note: The author of this letter is correct. We made a mistake and are glad to own up to it. The overline used for the story he mentions was inadvertent and in no way reflected the content of the article or the opinion of this newspaper. 

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Sanctimonious-holier-than-thou conservatives are endeavoring to ban books that help individuals develop better ideas of the world and their places in the world. Some good examples are two of my favorites “Inherit the Wind” and “To Kill a Mockingbird.”

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