I saw images of thousands of illegal immigrants crossing the Rio Grande yesterday. Also, so far this year over seven thousand pounds of fentanyl has been seized.

I would love to see Biden’s entire administration brought to that spot on the border and marched into a long line going from the USA to Guatemala. There they could open bodegas and attend night classes and learn basic economics.

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I agree!! BUT- why arent our elected Republican politicians doing anything about HIM? He is the worst thing to happen to America ever!!!

Poncho 1

The only solution is----Vote the Republicans in----Nov.22 and in 2024----!!!!!

Poncho 1

I think Gov. ABBOTT's idea, of Shipping the SOB's to D.C. and other Northen Cities is ,"Fantastic",and I say----"Keep on Busing" --- Gov.----Many-Thanks !!!

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