Who really believes that one or both political parties will end? I would submit that anyone who truly believes that needs a therapist to get them back in touch with reality. But this is just what someone said in a letter printed Dec. 19.

This nation is prospering for many, if not most, people who want to improve their lives. The national atmosphere is fertile ground for prosperity.

I see people driving cars, bicycling at leisure, people eating at restaurants and shopping. We are living in prosperity far beyond what most people on this planet can even imagine, yet there are those who say we are in a collapsed economy. This is not what a collapsed economy looks like.

True, prosperity will never come to 100% of the people for a host of reasons, however, life here in the United States of America is awash with opportunity.

We can argue about the percentage of employment, the disparity of races, what needs to be done, but the fact is most people are doing better across the spectrum of our population, period.

New jobs for November exceeded expectations including 55,000 jobs in the manufacturing sector, which Obama said would never come back, 3.9 million off food stamps, tax cuts for small businesses, the elimination of the tax penalty of the individual mandate (a fine for not enrolling in Obamacare), secured $6.8 billion for fighting the opioid crisis, cancelled the job-killing anti-coal Clean Power Plan, NATO allies are paying more of their fair share, the Space Force, getting a trade deal with Mexico and Canada and the nation is now a net gas exporter.

So, during this time of peace on earth and good will towards men, let us take note of steps forward and realize that life is very good for us. Let us love God with all our heart, soul and mind and love our neighbor as ourselves.

Chris Englert


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