The more often Trump’s sycophants mention the Clintons and Obamas the more obvious it becomes that they know they elected a dud, but they can’t say, “Sorry, our bad! We elected a turkey”, because It would take courage to admit they were wrong and to face all those gloating liberals.

They can’t deflect criticisms of his shortcomings by pointing to his achievements because there aren’t any. So, their only defense is to create deep-fake conspiracy theories, attack the messengers and use “whataboutisms” (attack what went before Trump and what might have been if Hillary had won).

For Trump personally, it’s mostly about deep insecurities that show every time he opens his lying mouth. That’s why he’s constantly telling everyone that he’s smart, knowledgeable and accomplished which is something that people who really are smart, knowledgeable and accomplished never do. Those tactics assuages Trump’s base but never fools the realists. With Trump, flattery will get you anywhere. His only friends are people who pay enough or pander enough to his ego.

A psychologist tasked with speaking to the Nuremberg defendants was asked about his overall impression of the people who supported Hitler’s policies. His answer was that he’d formulated a concept of evil being the identifying factor in one’s personality when there’s a lack of empathy. Trump’s never shown any empathy for anybody but himself. His insatiable desire to whiten America extends to the point of having sick children removed from U.S. hospitals and detaining immigrants in conditions that would bring the law down on a puppy mill.

Beware! Trump’s pious base has morphed into a flag-worshipping, dangerous totalitarian cult that’s made up of anti-egalitarian, multi-phobic, liberal haters.

Their indignant apathy’s enhanced by Trump-loving “news” outlets that have nothing to do with reality, the pulpit-politics and religious-bigotry of the Christian-Right and social-media with photoshopping meme factories that use nefarious, alt-right, inflammatory content to spark antagonism in its supporters. They’ll do anything to further, Trump’s “policies” of justice-obstruction (including the intimidation of a whistleblower and other witnesses) and power-abuse (including the extortion of foreign governments for political purposes and for personal gratuity).

Ron Hurst


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