While responsible news sources warn us about the escalating spread of the coronavirus, Pres. Trump continues to mislead Americans about the danger. His current major falsehood places people’s health second to his re-election hopes, and ironically, people who believe his every word face the greatest danger. Anyone who gets news only from sources that worshipfully quote Trump must not be hearing about airline flights being cancelled as a precaution. They surely must know that in Texas, an event held in Austin annually for 34 years has been cancelled because of coronavirus warnings.

“South by Southwest” has previously brought millions of dollars to Austin. Worldwide, it is the largest music event of its kind. The Center for Disease Control as well as the World Health Organization have reported that large gatherings of people are the most likely places for mass exposure to the virus. Yet, the president urges us to go about our daily lives, not stay home if sick. He said, “It’s going to disappear like a miracle.” Trump’s words are proof of his denial of reality. They are proof of how careless he is with the risk to elderly people and to younger people who have underlying health conditions. His alternative facts pose a clear and present danger.

Trump contradicts health officials, including the Director of the National Health Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Anthony Fauci. Fauci says that at present the virus cannot be prevented from spreading. The most vulnerable include individuals with heart, lung or kidney disease or are obese or have asthma or diabetes. For anyone over age 70, infection is likely to be fatal.

Doris Daniel


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