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Nacogdoches City Council on Tuesday voted 3-2 to stand its ground on a controversial zone change on Logansport Street approved more than a year ago.

The two-day meeting of the Stephen F. Austin State University Board of Regents showed that the recent rift between administrators and faculty …

Nacogdoches City Council on Tuesday unanimously approved a $120,000 annual contract between the city and the Nacogdoches Economic Development Corp.

Nacogdoches City Council is planning to appoint an advisory group to look into how the city can better communicate with its residents.

Nacogdoches City Council on Tuesday will consider action that would allow a bar and outdoor entertainment operation to set up near West Main a…

Creating trust is the No. 1 goal behind a diversity and inclusion program being discussed at City Hall, says Councilwoman Amelia Fischer.

A proactive approach to city code enforcement is among goals laid out as the City of Nacogdoches prepares for a new fiscal year.

A clear line of communication between the city’s leaders and its residents will be the topic of a Nacogdoches City Council workshop Tuesday at…