Love INC stands for Love In the Name of Christ. I wish I really had a dime for every time I have said that!

This year, Love INC has been established in Nacogdoches for 16 years, and it still amazes me how many people in our community do not know what we do! At the same time, unless someone is in need or they are serving others, why would they know about Love INC? I guess I have answered my own question!

The other day, a very nice lady stopped by and asked us if we had helped someone she had just met. As she shared the name and the story, we quickly realized we were familiar with this person.

We visited about the needs and let our visitor know this was one of those cases where the person’s file was thick with requests from over the years, and we had indeed helped this person many times. She thanked us for the information and expressed her gratitude for “The Clearinghouse” that Love INC represents. Whether or not she helped the person after she left here is up to her.

We are here for information, validation and to share resources when we can. Love INC is here to share what we know from our experiences as we try to help others. It was an encouragement to us that someone from the community took the time to stop by our office and ask what we knew about someone she did not know before she just offered assistance. She cared enough to inquire on her behalf, but still did not want to “enable.”

We welcome anyone to come by or call and ask about people who need help. Love INC exists to connect people who need help with Christian people who can help.

There are many people who are trying very hard to make ends meet and take care of their responsibilities. However, there are many others who do not want to try, who spend the money they have unwisely and who want someone else to take care of their responsibilities for them.

Financially, we have experienced a drastic change in giving to Love INC this year.

Giving from both our churches and individuals is way down. We are still praying for God’s guidance and direction for our Capital Campaign, as that funding is not for operational costs. We have not lost heart.

Many times we help folks with items they need from our warehouse while they use their money for fixed expenses. Also, we help by referring to our food banks and other agencies who help with resources and other programs that may help where we cannot. We offer prayer and encouragement.

We are seeing a dramatic shift down in wages and jobs for the working poor. The last few months have been tough, especially for elderly folks on fixed income and single moms.

Please join us and pray for Love In the Name of Christ and our part in helping others through our churches and community.

I believe in the power of prayer and request your prayers for the folks who really need the help.


Current cases:

• Thank you for the donation made to “Dad comes home.” Because of your generosity, we were able to pay that family’s rent.

Other validated requests include monetary donations to meet the ongoing requests made by verified applicants.


Patti Goodrum is executive director of Love In the Name of Christ of Nacogdoches.

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Over last few decades Christian churches have done little to help poor/ elderly. They always spend money on themselves, huge pastor & staff salaries + retirement.
Churches should not be tax exempt, pay no property taxes if they do not help needy in community. I've read that Atheists help ( cash payments ) the poor & needy more than most all churches.

Lynn Rodgers

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George MacCullagh

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