Former Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital CEO Scott Street and other leaders at Medical Center of South Arkansas were chided by medical staff there who unanimously voted late last month that they had no confidence in the hospital’s leadership.

Street, who abruptly departed from Memorial in January 2017 without public explanation, has been head of South Arkansas Medical Center in El Dorado, Arkansas, since November 2017. El Dorado is a town of around 18,000 people in central southern Arkansas, about 50 miles north of Ruston, Louisiana.

He was head of Memorial for just under three years, and after his departure financial woes at the hospital came to light after years of The Daily Sentinel receiving tips from hospital employees accusing Street of mismanagement.

Dr. Ezinne Nwude, chief of staff at the Medical Center of South Arkansas, told the El Dorado News that medical staff at the hospital have “no confidence in the current leadership of this organization spearheaded by Scott Street.”

“This is the first leadership that the general medical staff of this hospital have had enough concern about their practices and politics that they decided to come together and speak up and make this unanimous vote of no confidence,” Nwude said.

The doctor declined to elaborate on the issues that led to the vote but reiterated that there was “no faith or trust” in Street and other administrators.

An audit of Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital’s finances under Street found a nearly $10 million discrepancy in reported revenue, raising concerns of “suspect methodology” used in the hospital’s accounting, auditors from BKD said in late 2017, leading some hospital board members to accuse Street of fraud during a public meeting.

Unaudited net income from the last year of Street’s tenure at Memorial was $67,000. BKD auditor Chris Clark found the true amount to be a net loss of $9.3 million.

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As expected he just got passed onto another unsuspecting hospital Who will be his next victim?

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