Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital is seeking applicants to fill a vacancy on the board left by the retirement of a longtime member.

Applicants have until next Friday to submit an application to the hospital administration office, board president Lisa King said.

“I think we need to stop the process the first week in April, which would be April 6,” King said.

The appointment will fill the remainder of the unexpired term of Duncan Rogde who submitted a resignation letter on Tuesday. The seat will be up for election in November.

“Duncan’s position was an at-large position so it can be any registered voter,” King said.

Rogde was absent from Tuesday’s meeting, but King read aloud the resignation letter he submitted to the board.

“I know all of you will continue to strive to make the best that it can be for our community, and I look forward to its bright future,” he wrote in the letter.

The letter said Rogde’s resignation would be effective March 31, however, the board took no action to accept the resignation. If a governing does not vote to accept a resignation, it becomes officials eight days after it is received, according to the Texas Election Code. April 4 is the last day of that eight-day window.

Member of the board’s executive committee made up of King, Patrick Kuhns and Dr. Ahammed Hashim will interview candidates and make a recommendation to the board, King said.

Board member Anita Kite indicated she wanted the entire board to interview candidates.l

“What your saying is the executive committee is going to interview anybody and they are the ones who are going to make the recommendation. So basically they’re the ones who are going to make the appointment,” Kite said.

“Historically, that’s what we’ve done,” King responded.

Kite said she was concerned that the entire board would not know who had applied for the post.

Travis Clardy, who was serving as board attorney Tuesday night in place of Jerry Baker, said board members would be made aware of all applications.

“It will certainly be public information. They’ve submitted it to administration and a record will be kept,” Clardy said.

Rogde announced in February his intention to retire, citing family reasons. That at-large seat along with positions held by King, Hashim and Walter Scott will be up for election in November. The qualifying period for the election has not been announced.

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