Nacogdoches Lady Dragons

John Krueger/The Daily Sentinel

Nacogdoches will host its tournament this weekend..

Nacogdoches High School will try to get the 2021 season underway at home this week when the Lady Dragons host the 14-team field at The Nacogdoches Softball Tournament on Thursday through Saturday.

The games are scheduled to be played at the Coy Simms Softball Complex on Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. The cost of admission to the tournament is $5 per day. If the fields are unplayable at the complex, tournament games will be played at Lady Dragon Field on the NHS campus.

In addition to the Lady Dragons, teams scheduled to play in the tournament include area teams of Garrison, Diboll, Central Heights, Cushing, Pollok Central, Shelbyville. Other teams include Kilgore, Livingston, West Sabine, Woodville, Rusk, Groveton and Tatum.

Here’s a schedule of games:


(Field A)

8 a.m.: Kilgore vs. Livingston

10 a.m.: West Sabine vs. Center

12 p.m.: West Sabine vs. Livingston

2 p.m.: Kilgore vs. Diboll

4 p.m.: Center vs. Diboll

(Field D)

8 a.m.: Rusk vs. Garrison

10 a.m.: Nac vs. Garrison

12 p.m.: Woodville vs. Rusk

2 p.m.: Woodville vs. Groveton

4 p.m.: Groveton vs. Nac

(Field B)

8 a.m.: Shelbyville vs. Cushing

10 a.m.: Shelbyville vs. Central

12 p.m.: Tatum vs. Central Heights

2 p.m.: Cushing vs. Central Heights

4 p.m.: Central vs. Tatum


(Field A)

8 a.m.: Garrison vs. Groveton

10 a.m.: Nac vs. Diboll

12 p.m.: Garrison vs. Diboll

2 p.m.: Livingston vs. Groveton

4 p.m.: Livingston vs. Nac

(Field D)

8 a.m.: West Sabine vs. Kilgore

10 a.m.: Shelbyville vs. Kilgore

12 p.m.: Woodville vs. West Sabine

2 p.m.: Shelbyville vs. Central Heights

4 p.m.: Woodville vs. Central Heights

(Field B)

8 a.m.: Tatum vs. Cushing

10 a.m.: Center vs. Cushing

12 p.m.: Rusk vs. Tatum

2 p.m.: Rusk vs. Central

4 p.m.: Center vs. Central


(Field A)

8 a.m.: Central vs. Woodville

10 a.m.: Kilgore vs. Groveton

12 p.m.: Woodville vs. Tatum

2 p.m.: Kilgore vs. Central

4 p.m.: Tatum vs. Groveton

(Field D)

8 a.m.: Rusk vs. Central Heights

10 a.m.: Livingston vs. Central Heights

12 p.m.: Rusk vs. Cushing

2 p.m.: Diboll vs. Livingston

4 p.m.: Diboll vs. Cushing

(Field B)

8 a.m.: Nac vs. Shelbyville

10 a.m.: Garrison vs. Shelbyville

12 p.m.: West Sabine vs. Nac

2 p.m.: Center vs. Garrison

4 p.m.: Center vs. West Sabine

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