Our two congregations have been partners for forty-five years. We’ve shared joint worship services, joint vacation Bible schools, joint mission projects, prayed together, eaten together, attended funerals together, and learned to just be together. Many of our members have become friends and no small part of our members’ friendship has been because so many of them are now or have been part of our local public schools as teachers, administrators, staff, and occasionally school board members. Additionally, we’ve been in PTA/PTO together, done school fundraisers, and supported school events, not to mention our own children who have been or are now students in the schools. In fact, a major reason our two congregations partnered forty-five years ago was that we all found ourselves on the same side in the fight to integrate the Nacogdoches Independent School District, which was racially segregated at the time. We’ve worked hard for a long time to have good local public schools for all of our children, and when we say “all of our children” we mean all of the children of Nacogdoches.

So it is with dismay that we have read of two developments in Austin with the state Legislature concerning our public schools. First, by a vote of 18-12, the Texas Senate on April 20 passed SB4, a bill providing tuition tax credits to donors giving scholarships to private schools. In other words, a private school voucher. While we have nothing against private schools, most of which are religiously based, we simply believe that our public money should be for our public schools and private schools should provide their own money. Private school vouchers are one more way of robbing our public schools, which are committed to the education of all of our children in order to fund privately run schools, which by their very nature can only provide education for some children.

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This is not a school voucher. It is a tax credit for giving ONE'S OWN PRIVATE DOLLARS to a non-profit organization. Sounds like the kind of tax credit one receives when he donates his own private dollars to your church

There are many reasons why people choose a private school-particularly a Christian school. Their children want to be missionaries; this trains them YEARS earlier than Bible School. Perhaps their children love God and want to study the Bible under the tutelage of someone who also loves God. Maybe they want their children to grow roots so deep that when they grow up and become members of our political system, medical community, education world, or non-profits services to the poor, they won't falter when someone attacks their faith.

Let's be fair here. Public schools get 100% of the funding from the state; private schools receive none. A free market means that people can choose where to spend their OWN PRIVATE DOLLARS. It isn't robbing you to give private donors a tax break; it is encouraging a competitive market.


Or maybe parents don't want their children to be taught actual science instead of creationism mumbo jumbo.


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