The beginning of a new year can be a new start for everyone. Love INC of Nacogdoches is planning several new programs to serve our Lord and Savior this year. We ask the Lord often to guide us and make clear how we should serve his people through Love INC. This year (2019) begins the 10th year I have had the privilege to serve as the Executive Director of Love INC. I also have the privilege to work alongside members of our staff that have been with me these 10 years. Please indulge me for a moment to tell you a little about each one of them. Being the director, I represent the face of Love INC and I want to share with you that the faces beside me who are my heroes. I have been enormously blessed to work alongside each one of these employees.

I learned long ago that as a leader, I am only as good as the people who surround me. I am overwhelming blessed to work with each one of these employees. Each one has their own unique talent and together we have worked hard to do all we can to serve those in need. I often remind them not many businesses answer the phone, “Love In the Name of Christ” and we have a tremendous task every day to serve in His name. There are days when serving is not so much fun, and then there are days that we rejoice over seeing God’s work through us that our hearts skip a beat! These folks work tirelessly, on duty every minute of the day. There have been no raises, we have no 401K or retirement benefits, we do have minimal health insurance. I am aware of the burn out rates of human services workers so I make sure we have time to rest and plenty of down time. With all this said, I know that each one of our employees are here because they feel the call of the Lord.

Happy is our Office Manager and my Executive Assistant. Happy does a marvelous job maintaining my schedule, keeping me on task, and running the office. Happy has made the job her own. The veteran of Love INC is Marilyn. Marilyn has served as the Financial Coordinator for Love INC for 13 years. She completely manages all the finances and also contributes to our overall success on a daily basis. LaKendra serves as our Case Manager. She recently graduated from SFA with her Bachelor Degree in Social Work and we are so proud to celebrate this accomplishment with her. Laura returned last year out of retirement to be our Media Coordinator. I am the big picture person, asking so much of our staff and volunteers. Laura is the detailed person, and spends hours upon hours making sure everything is in order and planed out to every detail. LaKendra and Happy are the calm ones! Debbie is our Volunteer Coordinator. She keeps in touch with our volunteers and helps keep us all in line. Jacy is our Outreach Coordinator. He is in his second year with Love INC and is doing a wonderful job managing the Warehouse and other outreach ministries. There is no doubt he was sent straight from God for a very specific reason in this journey. He and his team have transformed the warehouse into a structured and very organized area. One of our warehouse workers, Collin, recently left us to start his own new venture. We will miss Collin and wish him the most success and hope that he will stop by and visit with us often. Taylor works part time in the Warehouse while working on his Bachelor’s Degree at SFA. Some of our favorite things about Taylor are his prayers that he shares at our weekly staff meeting. His love for Jesus shine through his calm demeanor and quiet soul.

In 2018 a crew of new volunteers from many different churches joined our team of seasoned volunteers. We have a trained group of folks to answer the phones, assist clients, process applications, and go out on Home Team visits – each working through their own particular strengths and spiritual gifts. Many of our seasoned volunteers continue to serve, and over the years we have become like family. There is always room for more volunteers, as we work together to be the hands and feet of Jesus in our community. We welcome your time and your talent, and will help find a place for you here.

Please pray for the staff and volunteers of Love INC Nacogdoches as we begin 2019! We are ready, willing and eager to see what God has in store of us to do in His name! Happy New Year!

“Praise be to the Lord, the God of Israel, because he has come to his people and redeemed them. He has raised up a horn of salvation for us in the house of his servant David (as he said through his holy prophets of long ago).” Luke 1:68-70

Notes to remember:

• February 8, 2019 CHAIRished Blessings Fundraising event. Tickets are available for purchase now online at

• We will be CLOSED until January 6 for the holidays.

• Kingdom Gifts Store will reopen after January 6th. If you have an item to donate that you want to designate for the repurposing store, please bring to the Love INC office during regular business hours. All items will go through the regular inventory selection process. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation

• Love INC has an on-line weekly Links to Love INC, a Facebook page, a monthly published newsletter sent in the mail, and this weekly article to keep you informed. If you or your church have something that you would like for us to include, please email details to

Current case

1. Single mom needs assistance with rent. The client was recently let go from her job due to serious health issues. She has been employed at the same company for over 10 years but is no longer able to complete the physical tasks she is assigned. She has applied for unemployment benefits and is also registered with an employment agency. She is actively looking for work but needs help until she can find another job. At this time she is asking for assistance in the amount of $600. If you can help with this request, please write SOS Rent on your check memo.

Patti Goodrum is executive director of Love INC.

Patti Goodrum is executive director of Love INC.

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