SAM RAYBURN — Water level is about 2.45 feet low and fairly clear. Water temp in the upper 60s.

Ann Wilson at Ann’s Tackle says bass fishing has been good on frogs and Yellow Magics work around hydrilla beds and pads. Carolina rigs, drop shots and cranks are the tickets around hard bottom structure and brush piles away from the bank. Lots of schooling activity around the main lake; good bets are shad pattern ’Traps, small spinnerbaits and topwaters. Crappie guide Randy Dearman says brush piles in 20-25 feet are giving up some good numbers using shiners and jigs.

TOLEDO BEND — Water level is seven feet low and fairly clear. Water temp in the mid-60s.

Rhonda Shivley at Bill’s Landing says stump hooks and short trotlines are producing some good quality in the 20-45 pound range, mainly on live bait. Blues and flatheads are on the prowl in 6-15 feet of water. Fishing guide Stephen Johnston says black bass are fair to five pounds. The better bite has been in 12-18 feet using Carolina rigs, Texas rigs and cranks. Not many fish showing up in the backs of creeks.

NACOGDOCHES — Water level is about two feet low and stained. Water temp in the low 70s.

Bass are fair to about three pounds on shaky heads, Carolina rigs and Texas rigs worked on hard bottom structure in 14-20 feet. Cranks, underspins and umbrella rigs are producing some fish around suspended pods of shad. A few fish schooling. Wacky worms, Senkos, swim jigs and Texas rigs are the best bets up shallow around scattered hydrilla beds and pads near channel breaks. Crappie fishermen reporting partial limits around brush piles using jigs and shiners.

NACONICHE — Water level is about two inches low and stained. Surface temp in the upper 60s.

David Russell says bass are good on wacky worms, Flukes and Senkos along drops in 15 feet and main lake points. Some decent numbers reported, but not much size. No report on crappie.

ATHENS — Water level is a foot low and clear. Water temp in the mid-60s.

Fishing guide Jim Brack says crappie are fair around brush piles in 20-25 feet, hitting small jigs best. Bass remain slow with the best action coming along outside grass edges on shaky heads and slow falling Flukes or Senkos.

CEDAR CREEK — Water level is two feet low and stained. Water temp in the upper 60s.

Fishing guide Jason Barber says blue cat are good to 35 pounds on fresh cut shad drifted over the main lake and around humps. Windy points also holding some fish. Deeper docks are giving up some good quality black bass on jigs, Texas rigs and crankbaits. Crappie are best around brush piles away from the bank and deeper boat docks. Whites and hybrids still patrolling humps and points ranging 8-20 feet, hitting slabs, cranks and pet spoons.

FORK — Water level is 1.78 feet low and stained to fairly clear. Water temp in the mid-60s.

Tony Parker at the Minnow Bucket says bass are slow. Anglers reporting mostly small fish up to two pounds in shallow water using shaky heads. Crappie fishermen reporting limits around brush piles and bridges in 20-25 feet, mainly on jigs. Catfish are excellent on punch bait and cheese bait soaked around baited holes near channels in 20 feet.

PALESTINE — Water level is about 1.5 feet low and dirty up north, clear down south. Surface temp in the mid-60s.

Fishing guide Ricky Vandergriff is reporting fair bass action on points down south from the bank out to 10 feet using Carolina rigs, square bills and chrome/blue ’Traps. Kickapoo Creek has been good up north, mostly along channel banks and the islands using black/blue jigs and chartreause/white spinnerbaits. The upper reaches of Flat Creek also has been giving up a few fish. Crappie are good under bridges and around standing timber along river in 15-20 feet. Catfish are good around baited holes near docks in 3-15 feet; lots of small fish fish reported.

LIVINGSTON — Water level is six inches low and fairly clear. Water temp in the mid-60s.

Fishing guide Dave Cox crappie fishing is picking up along the river and around cut banks in creeks at the upper lake using shiners and jigs. Black bass are good around river cut logjams using Texas rigged junebug lizards. Upper lake creeks also giving up some keeper size fish on cranks and spinnerbaits worked tight to wood. No report on catfish.

HOUSTON COUNTY — Water level is at full pool and stained. Water temp in the upper 60s.

Crockett Family Resort says black bass are fair to four pounds using Carolina rigged Senkos and buzz baits in about six feet of water. Crappie fishermen reporting a few keepers on shiners soaked around brush piles in 14 feet water. Catfishermen picking up some keepers close to four pounds off piers using perch and stink bait.

RICHLAND CHAMBERS — Water level is about 2.79 feet low and fairly clear to stained in the creeks. Water temp in the mid-60s.

Larry Winters at Midway Landing says bass anglers are reporting some good action at times around shallow wood near channel breaks in 3-5 feet using rattling square bills, ’Traps and spinnerbaits. Deeper main lake points at mid-range depths also giving up a few fish on Carolina rigs, Texas rigs and medium diving cranks. Crappie are slow. Catfishermen picking some good quality blue cats soaking punch bait and cut shad on wind-blown points. Also a good bite in standing timber, 12-18 feet deep.

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