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John Krueger/The Daily Sentinel

Garrison Senior Chloe Reneau fields a ground ball during a game against the Douglass Lady Indians.

The sports staff at The Daily Sentinel understands the difficult times that not only student-athletes and coaches have been going through over the past several weeks, but also parents, family members and fans, who feel they, or a senior they know personally, has been ‘robbed’ of exciting times, accolades, the opportunity to excel in their sports, play before their families and friends and get the opportunity to show college coaches their abilities on the playing field, track or court because of the effects of COVID-19 (coronavirus).

We understand that suspension of spring sports was a necessity, and that for the personal health of everyone involved, there was no way around the cancellation of games and practices.

The Daily Sentinel would like to run senior profiles of student-athletes from the spring sports in an individual published bio, with a photo, which will be called “An Inside Look at Our Champions.”

If you are a senior from one of the area schools of Stephen F. Austin, Nacogdoches, Central Heights, Douglass, Cushing, Alto, Mount Enterprise, Woden, Martinsville, Chireno, Garrison, Timpson, Tenaha, Center or San Augustine, or are a family member who would like to encourage a student-athlete to do so, have the senior answer the questions below (the first 10 must be answered) and email them to, along with their cell phone number and a favorite photo (identifying those in the photo) and we will run it as space becomes available. Encourage athletes to do this during this time of social distancing.

1. Name:

2. School:

3. Parent(s) names:

4. Brothers/sisters:

5. Sports you play (you can include other sports besides spring sports):

6. Why you became a student-athlete:

7. Awards you have received while in high school:

8. Highlight of your high school career so far:

9. Plans after high school:

10. What colleges, if any, are you considering attending, and what are you thinking of majoring in and why?

11. Favorite song:

12. Favorite food:

13. Favorite TV show:

14. Favorite movie:

15. Your role models and why:

16. The coach(es) who have influenced you the most and why:

17. Your favorite teacher and why:

18. What are you missing the most about not playing your sport?

19. Something that makes the team you are a part of so special:

20. Who are some people you miss watching you play and what does it mean to you to have their support when you’re out there?

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